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Anyone passing the Court at Pembrey recently may have heard the buzz of chainsaws as a firm of experienced tree surgeons have got to work on removing masses of ivy which for decades has been shrouding this unique Grade 2* listed Elizabethan manor house.  


Also gone are four large trees which were overhanging the building and threatening its stability. This work has been organised by the Friends of Court Farm with the aid of a grant from Cadw-Welsh Historic Monuments.Dominic Conway, Chairman of the ‘Friends of Court Farm’ said ‘we are enormously indebted to Cadw for their assistance in grant aiding these emergency works. Our thanks also go to our local Member of Parliament, Nia Griffiths and the Assembly’s Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage, Huw Lewis who have both supported us following their recent visit.’

front view
Pat Neil, the Project Coordinator, working on behalf of the Friends and the building preservation trust which owns the building said ‘the huge growth of the ivy over many decades was threatening the massive stone walls. We have effectively given the building a ‘haircut’ by removing the most of the weight. We cannot remove all the ivy because some roots are imbedded in the soft lime mortar’ but from now on we can keep the ivy growth under control. The trees had to be removed as they were so close to the building that branches were overhanging and threatening to bring down parts of the walls in high winds. 

There is still much work to do in consolidating the Court and the ‘Friends’ would welcome any volunteers who feel they would like to help, either by doing some hard graft on site (free coffee is provided) or by helping us raise funds.

’Pat can be contacted by clicking here

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the barn after its trim


 The Detailed Specification for the trees to remove

The total removal of Sycamore trees1and 2 marked on the plan.

The total removal of Beech tree marked 3 on the plan.

The stumps are to be treated with appropriate herbicide to prevent regrowth.

The trimming of ivy on elevations A and B on the manor house and on elevations C,D,E,and F on the barn (see below).

The ivy trimming should be taken back to as near the buildings as possible without affecting the structures.

All usable timber should be logged into lengths of approximately 20cm and left on the concrete hardstanding for future sale.

All arisings should be left on the concrete hardstanding for future burning.

Contractors will be asked to supply evidence of Public Liability Insurance, a Risk Assessment and a Method of Working.

drawing showing which trees to remove