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Documentary evidence exists of a building at Court Farm in the 14th century, but no discernable remains of such a building can now been seen. The present building dates back to the mid 16th century, although it may incorporate elements of an earlier structure.

To date no archaeological investigations have been undertaken of Court and its surroundings, so many questions are left unanswered as to what may lie undiscovered below ground. As the site was occupied for over 500 years it is certain that selective investigations would reveal more.

In particular we would like to know

  • What form did the gardens identified by Elisabeth Whittle, Inspector of Historic Parks and Gardens, Cadw take? ( see section on Court Farm Garden)
  • Where were the entrances, carriageways and paths that gave access to Court Farm?
  • Was there a cobbled floor in the courtyard?
  • Did the ‘barn’ extend further as above ground archaeology indicates? If so how far did it extend and what form did it take? (see section on Architecture)
  • Were there any other buildings, now demolished, within the area?

If we can answer these questions, we will be better informed as to how the Court developed over the centuries and this will allow a sensitive restoration to be undertaken.

The Friends will be contacting the Dyfed Archaeological Trust and University Archaeology departments to seek help. In the meantime if there are any archaeologists reading this who would like to help, the Friends would like to hear from you.