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Pembrey School Dig! — local school get to know Court

In June , the Pembrey School children visited Court FOCF Autum 2012 Newsletter img 14

they came to experience an Archaeological dig .

Duly fitted out in their hard hats , they were initially shown around the building by their teacher, Mr. Conway [who just happens to be our chairman] They found the building very interesting and as ever, really enjoyed the stories of Wil
Many and his untimely and horrific demise.

They dug three test pits in the walled garden— it was a shame that nothing very exciting was found, a glass bottle from many years ago [ do you remember those stoppers with metal clips!!] a few pieces of china — these will be kept and shown to an archaeologist soon. After their busy afternoon, it was a very lovely day [one of the few this year ] they sat on the log seats, in the sunshine Eating the home made cakes and as it had been thirsty work, many glasses of squash — an enjoyable afternoon for all.



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