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No 'Stitch in Time' for Court


In 2010 the Friends lobbied Cadw for a grant to undertake urgent works to stabilise Court. Following a visit from the Welsh Historic Buildings Advisory Council they offered a 40% grant up to a maximum of £100,000. This would require match funding of £60,000 from the Building Preservation Trust who own the building. It was not possible to source this money and the grant offer has now lapsed. We are now seeing the consequences of taking no action.

The Friends did negotiate a grant from Cadw to remove some overhanging trees and trim back the ivy and we have continued to undertake ground clearance to prevent further encroachment of damaging vegetation and to allow access. However, we do not have the money to undertake even the most basic measures to prevent further deterioration of the building's structure. This would take scaffolding and experts in the restoration of historic structures to undertake the work.

Since the building was taken over by the Trust in 2010 we have seen and recorded the following worrying deterioration in the building

The fall of the ancient roof structure above the lower hall. This was the only remaining area of original roof trusses and although we have carefully reclaimed and stored the oak timbers it is a sad loss.

The collapse of the stone arch lintel above one window of the 'panelled room' and a worrying crack developing below.

stitch-16 nov 2014 chimney assessment -  (61)20141116-048
The loss of the roof structure above the 'porch'. Although this dates back to the nineteenth century re-roofing in slate, it is nevertheless a further concern along with saplings now growing out of the top of the walls.

One of the hugely important diagonal chimneys facing Mountain Road is in a very poor state with stones being dislodged by the high winds.

stitch-16 nov 2014 chimney assessment -  (8)20141116-039
Although Court still remains a robust stone structure there is no doubt that this Grade 2* listed building, described as 'perhaps the greatest surviving house of this type' by the Royal Commission, is gradually deteriorating. The relentless battering by the elements will only hasten the decline of this fine historic building unless urgent action is taken.




CF ground scan

stitch-cwrt farm 920060320-002


 stitch-16 nov 2014 chimney assessment -  (55)20141116-046 


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