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Distinctive architectural details define Court Farm Pembrey, the largest surviving pre-Renaissance manor house in Carmarthenshire as an historical and cultural landmark worthy of restoration. A once fine country house, home of gentry, influence and leadership, Court has been an integral part of the cultural, political, economical and social framework of Pembrey since early in the 14th century. It now bears evidence to the realities of physical neglect, loss of focus and a changing cultural and economic environment. The building's history, from its medieval core has left us with a with a rambling and fascinating character. Randomly extended during the 16th and 17th centuries, it leaves an instructive example, built to local design, by local hands, built for permanence; well enough to outlast all but those names such as Ashburnham and Mansel that are still prominent locally.

These ruins may look daunting to restore; but while expensive, it is not in essence difficult. Today, though superficially derelict, structural surveys show the structure to be viable for sensitive restoration.

To further these objectives, The Friends of Court Farm established in 2006 to bring this historic building back to life.

The Friends are currently working

i. To increase public awareness of the local history of Court Farm
ii. To generate funds to enable the restoration and refurbishment of Court Farm buildings.
iii. To establish a sustainable end use for Court Farm, taking into consideration local needs.


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